V A L U E C H A I N M A N A G E M E N T - O K T O B E R 2 0 2 2 41 WAREHOUSE MANAG EMENT Become the Supply Chain Expert companies need rig ht now with APICS certification CPIM - Certified in Planning and Inventory Management start November 15 CLTD – Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distrib ution start November 17 and 22 Save up to 30% on your registration fee using “KMO Portefeuille”. PICS Belgium is recognized by the F lemish government as acertified training centre. DV.O102417 Are you a full time student in logistics and/or supply chain management or a young supply cha in professional under the age of 35? JOIN Y OUNG PICS BELGIUM! A network of young students a nd professionals as well as seaso ned Supply Chain profiles from various co mpanies and industrieswithbest practices kn owhowand vast experience. Any further questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us. or +32 (0)494/10 28 83 Agenda & News Ex pand your knowledge and skills wit h one of the PICS courses • Master Class Pragmatic Inventory Management 2 days, start November 16 Gain knowledge and skills in the field of inventory management and s tock optimization, based on the current situation at your own employer • I ncoterms 2020 – theory ½ day, December 5 Avoid the risk of a dispute or legal fallout with the correct incoterms in y our international contracts • Hands-on Supply Chain Management 3 days, start March 14 Beer game & bullwhip effect | Forecasting | Inventory Management | L ean Supply Chains | Synchronous Supply Chains IN-HOUSE TRAINING COURSE helps empl oyees compete in today’s business environment • Educate groups through Instructor-led classes at your facilit y. • Customize a program to meet the needs of your organization . • Promote a common language across your entire organizatio n. Contact us for more information