WHITE PAPER TRANSPORT CONTROL TOWERS - TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMEN T: THE NEXT LEVEL Transportation is at the centre of major supply chain crises, caused by factors such as a lack of truck drivers, lack of container capacity, port and border closures. The results are significant cost in- creases, loss of sales, and reduced customer satis- faction. Real-time transport visibility enables corrective acti- ons in case of deviations, and proactive actions to mitigate impact on product quality and customer service. PwC’s new whitepaper foc uses on transport control towers, where information o n demand, sup- ply and inventories is being colle cted, processed, and used to promote knowledge-s haring and ena- ble corrective actions. Recent supply chain disruptions h ighlight the cen- tral role of transportation. PwC’s n ew whitepaper ‘Transportation management: the next level’ , sets out the solutions offered by transpo rt control towers.