Training: Basics of Supply Chain Finance
Understand the importance of Working Capital through serious gaming

As a Supply Chain professional, you probably often hear financial terms like EBITDA, Cash Flow and Working Capital. Many of your day-to-day operational decisions will have an impact on these financial metrics. Understanding this impact, and being able to improve the financial result of your company by making these deliberate choices, will make you an even more valuable member of the team.

During this one-day course, you’ll learn the financial basics that really matter for a Supply Chain professional. The financial theory will be put into practice with a unique Business Simulation game, that will naturally demonstrate how a better management of Working Capital will lead to an improved Cash Flow for the organization.

Don’t expect a Finance training, but expect a pragmatic course that will give you practical insights and ideas to improve the financial result of your company.


  • Balance Sheet basics: what you should really know about a Balance Sheet.
  • P&L – from Revenue to EBITDA: understand how an income statement is created and where you as a Supply Chain professional have a crucial impact.
  • Business Simulation game: experience in a fun and interactive way that EBITDA is not the same as Cash Flow. Every participant will play a specific role in the game.
  • From EBITDA to Cash: understand what’s the impact of Working Capital on the Cash Flow of an organization.
  • 10 Ways to improve your Cash Flow: turn the theory and the practice into valuable tips&tricks to start working on your financial result as of the moment you leave the training.

Target Group

Supply Chain professionals who want to gain a better understanding of how their day-to-day operational decisions affect the financial result of their company.

Instructor: Ir. Nicholas De Nil

As a Civil Engineer with 10 years of hands-on Business experience in multinational FMCG (AB Inbev) and Pharma (Perrigo), both in Operational and Financial leadership roles, Nicholas perfectly knows how to translate the ‘dry’ financial theory into practical operational insights.

Practical information

September, 22
Registration at 08.30h. The programme starts at 09.00h and the end is foreseen around 17.00h. 

Den Berg
Bergkapelstraat 98
1840 Londerzeel

Participation fee for this training, including welcome coffee, lunch and 2 coffee breaks:
  • Non members: € 425 
  • Value Chain or PICS member : 380 € 
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