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Alilaguna rides high on Venice waterways with ScanPal mobile computers

Alilaguna rides high on Venice waterways with ScanPal mobile computers
When Venetian waterways passenger operator Alilaguna digitally transformed its business by moving from paper tickets to electronic tickets, Honeywell ScanPal™ mobile computers were the ideal choice due to their easy integration with existing systems and their ability to vastly simplify the operator’s job.


Alilaguna is a private company, which for the past 20 years, has managed the commercial water transport service in Venice, transporting around two million passengers each year. The company operates a fleet of 50 vessels and has made a significant commitment to the research and development of vessel propulsion systems to reduce the impact of pollution. Hybrid vessels are already available and in service, while hydrogen prototypes are currently at the certification stage.

Until 2018, the company’s ticket process was manual, with operators punching tickets at the boarding docks to validate them. This meant that the company was missing out on the opportunity to collect data on route usage and traffic – and gain valuable insights that would allow Alilaguna to improve their services and optimize their fleet.

To facilitate the company’s digital transformation, Roberto Candelù, head of computer systems for Alilaguna, said “We started organizing the IT network a while ago using Google® as our technology platform, as compatibility and data mobility were key. Acquiring information digitally on the use of passenger tickets was the final piece of the puzzle.”

Moving to QR coded tickets required that Alilaguna use an Android™-based mobile device that would speedily scan and capture the QR code data, and be easy to use, rugged, and durable with a battery life that would last all day. Following extensive technical and user testing, the Honeywell ScanPal mobile computer was the standout choice.


Alilaguna chose the ScanPal handheld computer for its mobile device fleet for the following reasons:

Ease of Use and Durability – Alilaguna needed to know that in addition to being technically capable, the devices would perform in the field. Staff with different use cases were given the devices to test on tasks such as scanning different ticket types including smartphone displays, how easy they were to use in direct sunlight, and battery life throughout service run times. The test was particularly useful for establishing the ScanPal device's battery life, which outperformed the competition by lasting for more than one work shift, reducing device downtime. Furthermore, the ScanPal mobile computer proved to be very light, manageable, but above all, very quick and easy to use, making it popular with the ticket operators.

Compatibility – The ScanPal mobile computer is fully compatible with Google’s Mobile Device Management (MDM), so the configuration of each device is automatic plus it can also be controlled remotely. Sending regular updates to the company server was also a requirement. Powerful

Connectivity – Venice has full 4G data coverage, so the devices chosen had to be capable of taking advantage of this in order to speed up the transfer of data to the server and later be able to facilitate the transmission of images or photos taken in the event of disputes or similar issues.

Looking to the future

Following the first phase, Alilaguna has already planned to increase the number of ScanPal mobile computers in service on travel and tourist routes, as well as extend their use to the direct sale and printing of tickets on board.
For more information: sps.honeywell.com