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DynaGroup Case Study

DynaGroup Case Study
From repairing smartphones and drones to delivering home appliances, furniture and passports, DynaGroup unburdens you with smart solutions. The organization consists of five business units that complement each other, each from their own specialization.


DynaGroup has ten locations in the Benelux region, with more than 2,000 committed employees. The company was formed in 1995 and has subsequently grown to be a leading provider of smart-solution services. Moreover, DynaGroup is constantly looking for opportunities for improvement and innovation. Each business unit specializes in services and solutions for customers from the financial sector, travel industry, insurance, government sector, eCommerce and Telecom. The units complement each other and, together, they offer total solutions that help unburden their customers.

Business need

DynaGroup’s leadership was searching for a new mobile sorting application to further improve the logistics process in their Dynalogic and Leen Menken hubs. They took the chance to replace Windows CE based application on their current devices with an Android solution. They required a ruggedized solution to minimize device fallout, a challenge they had experienced too much in the past. Furthermore, they wanted a device to replace existing technology to improve barcode scanning performance from short ranges up to at least 2 meters (6.56 feet). From an IT perspective, DynaGroup was looking for a mobile device management solution embedded in their devices to enable remote monitoring and easy staging of devices when deployed from a centralized platform.


DynaGroup communicated an ambitious project timeline, as they wanted to roll out the project from initial deployment to full implementation within a four-month window. DynaGroup also faced additional, partly covid driven, volume growth, and they required a solution to monitor the deployed devices across multiple sites. At the time, DynaGroup had limited visibility on devices, and expressed an interest in the ability to monitor device damage when dropped by employees, as well as battery health to help them proactively replace batteries to maintain maximum uptime and productivity. The IT team also required a way to monitor the device location in real time.


Together, Honeywell and Reverse IT were able to present a sustainable solution, combining hardware and software. DynaGroup recognized the need to deploy an innovative solution that would help to sustain their expansion plans.

The solution offered by Honeywell was the CT60 XP DRH (Disinfected Ready Housing) handheld mobile computer, which DynaGroup deemed as the perfect fit for their needs. This rugged, user-friendly mobile computer was able to be deployed rapidly among the workforce. With the incorporated FlexRange™ technology, the scanner was able to read barcodes between 10 cm and 10 m (32.8 ft.) without requiring workers to bend or reach, which proved to be a valuable benefit for the user throughout a full-day shift.

Furthermore, the CT60 XP DRH is built on Honeywell’s Mobility Edge™ platform, which ensures that DynaGroup’s investment is adaptable and configurable. Devices built on Mobility Edge™ are designed to offer a lower total cost of ownership due to the longer lifecycle, optimized business performance and enhanced security. The CT60 XP is offered on Android platform, which means DynaGroup’s investment in the device will be protected through Android 13.

To address their requirement of having real-time visibility of their devices’ locations, health and utilization, DynaGroup opted to utilize Honeywell’s Operational Intelligence software solution. This remote asset management platform helps organizations keep their mobile-equipped employees productive, while maintaining a virtual line-of-site on the device’s battery health and tumbles. Operational Intelligence also provides the IT group information of when devices need to be updated.

Additionally, Operational Intelligence allowed DynaGroup to institute a process where the employee scans their badge to check-out/check-in a device for a shift, tying the device to an employee. This also allows DynaGroup to set up automated reminders for employees to clean the device at the end of their shift. The CT60 XP’s housing can be cleaned with aggressive chemicals without causing any harm to the device, increasing the safety of all employees utilizing it.

The project was kicked off in August 2020 and deployed in less than four months by Honeywell, in collaboration with Reverse IT. Initial findings were positive, with productivity savings realized using the CT60 XP DRH’s FlexRange™ scanning capability.

Since implementation of the CT60 XP products, DynaGroup has seen a drastic reduction in the number of devices returned by employees through accidental damage. The CT60 XP endures the wear-and-tear of the warehouse environment, withstanding multiple 2.4 m drops to concrete.

Reverse IT further extended the lifecycle of DynaGroup’s newly deployed devices by offering cost-saving services such as repair and support. They have resolved hardware shortages during peak periods with rentals, as well as increased capacity by supplying refurbished devices.

Looking to the future

DynaGroup’ s intent is to rollout the new hardware as quickly as practically possible throughout the remainder of their business units. Both Honeywell and Reverse IT have now been included in DynaGroup‘s future IT roadmap. DynaGroup plans to continue to deploy the developed software to replace existing competitive products. In addition, they will be seeking further functionality from the Operational Intelligence solution to achieve better device visibility as they deploy them throughout other parts of their business, including drivers in the DynaGroup fleet. “Together with Honeywell and Reverse IT, we have selected and implemented not only a strong device but also the additional tooling and services to be ready for our future growth,” Paul Aelmans said.

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